JoyFolie puts a great deal of thought into their product: the soles are eco-friendly TPR made of part recycled materials, lining is organic cotton, and they give a significant portion of their profits to Giving Children Hope. Each pair of shoes includes a matching clip and comes in a decorative drawer box. Additionally, JoyFolie has unique designs, with a lot of handmade details and beautiful textures.

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Toddler                  Outer Sole of shoe, in Inches

4                            5.078"

5                             5.354"

6                            5.63"

7                             5.906"

8                            6.181"

9                            6.469"

10                           6.748"

11                            7.028"

12                           7.307"

13                           7.587"


Youth                      Outer Sole of shoe, in Inches

1                             8.45"

2                            8.675"

3                            9.00"

4                            9.25"

5                            9.675"

6                            10.00"


Have your child stand on a piece of paper {wearing socks or tights or barefoot, however he/she would wear the shoes} and mark both feel toe and heel. Measure the distance, then add 1/8" - 1/4" to the larger foot, depending on how much growing room is desired.  Peep toes tend to fit about a half size larger.


Some shoes and accessories contain buttons, flowers, or other small parts. These are secured well, but not recommended for use while little one is sleeping or otherwise unattended.