Look! Over There!

It's been 3 years and 6 months since I first felt that documenting my journey was something important to do. I suppose I justified my procrastination because I felt like - what does it even matter, will anyone read it anyway, and really....who would it help....? Most days I still hear that small, still voice telling me to write. So, here I am. Over these last few years I often pondered on where to start. I have had several ups and downs along the way that I wanted to write about, but felt as though I couldn't just dive right in at the middle. Now, sitting here, finally surrendering and writing, I fancy that I will start by telling you a little bit about who I am........

Well.....that is where I thought I would start. After writing the rough draft of my introduction I have since come to an alternate decision. I am not quite sure I am ready to divulge my loathsome past quite yet, so I have decided to share the blogs of other amazing women I have met along the way. This first blog I would like to share is a story that every young woman needs to hear. It is written by a friend I hold very dearly and I call her My Girl on Fire. Don't be taken back by the title. I promise you, if you read it you will be glad you did. Please follow the link here. I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.